Volume 1 - 2016 - Index

1. Additions to Pseudocamarosporium; two new species from Italy.
Wijayawardene NN, Tibpromma S, Hyde KD, An YL, Camporesi E, Wang Y
Studies in Fungi 1(1), 1–10

2. A taxonomic analysis of fungi collected and described from Egypt up to 1931
Soliman EA, Abdel-Azeem AM, Salem FM, Nafady NA, Mehesien MT, Ahmed AIS, Ibrahem ME, Abdel-Azeem MA, Hassan SS
Studies in Fungi 1(1), 11–33

3. Diversity of endophytic fungi from the ornamental plant- Adenium obesum.
Meenatchi A, Ramesh V, Bagyalakshmi, Kuralarasi R, Shanmugaiah V, Rajendran A
Studies in Fungi 1(1), 34–42

4. Diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (Glomeromycota) in maritime sand dunes of Brazilian northeast
Jobim K, Goto BT
Studies in Fungi 1(1), 43–55

5. Saprobic Dothideomycetes in Thailand: Vaginatispora appendiculata sp. nov. (Lophiostomataceae) introduced based on morphological and molecular data
Wanasinghe DN, Jones EBG, Dissanayake AJ, Hyde KD
Studies in Fungi 1(1), 56–68

6. Xylariaceae: Overview and addition to fungal diversity of Gujarat state
Koyani RD, Patel HR, Vasava AM, Rajput KS
Studies in Fungi 1(1), 69–79

7. Lopadostoma fagi (Lopadostomataceae) on Fagus sylvatica from Italy.
Daranagama DA, Camporesi E, Liu XZ, Chamyuang S, Stadler M, Jingzu S, Hyde KD
Studies in Fungi 1(1), 80–89

8. Camarosporium uniseriatum nom. nov., from Celtis occidentalis in European Russia
Thambugala KM, Bulgakov TS, Eungwanichayapant PD, Liu ZY, Hyde KD
Studies in Fungi 1(3), 90–98

9. New records of Phaeoisaria triseptata and Spadicoides heterocolorata for Brazil
Almeida DAC, Gusmão LFP
Studies in Fungi 1(1), 99–103

10. Antimicrobial and cytotoxic activities of endophytic fungus Colletotrichum gloeosporioides isolated from endemic tree Cinnamomum malabatrum
Packiaraj R, Jeyakumar S, Ayyappan N, Adhirajan N, Premkumar G, Rajarathinam K, Muthuramkumar S
Studies in Fungi 1(1), 104–113

11. Diversity of lichen flora of Odisha, India- A review
Nayak SK, Bajpai R, Upreti DK, Satapathy KB
Studies in Fungi 1(1), 114–124

12. Corynespora celastri sp. nov. on Celastraceae from India
Kumar S, Singh R
Studies in Fungi 1(1), 125–129

13. Clitocella (Entolomataceae) - a new genus record for India
Kour H, Kumar S, Sharma YP, Nandi S, Acharya K
Studies in Fungi 1(1), 130–134

14. Two new records of hydnoid fungi from the Western Ghats of India
Karun NC, Sridhar KR
Studies in Fungi 1(1), 135–141

15. Bovista helenae - new puffball from Russia
Rebriev YuA, Dvadnenko KV
Studies in Fungi 1(1), 142–145

16. Production of Catecholate Siderophores by a Manglicolous fungus Emericella nidulans: A Novel Observation.
Trivedi HB, Vala AK, Dave BP
Studies in Fungi 1(1), 146–149

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