Volume 2 - 2017 - Index

1. A comparative study of manglicolous lichens and their distribution inside Bhitarkanika National Park (Odisha), India
Panda M, Murthy TVR, Samal RN, Lele N, Patnaik AK, Mohan PK
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 1–13

2. Amazonia atlantiicola sp. nov. (Ascomycetes, Meliolales) from Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala State, India
Lini KM, Neeta NN, Swapna S
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 14–16

3. Proximate composition and antimicrobial activity of three wild edible mushrooms consumed by ethnic inhabitants of Tripura in northeast India
Roy Das A, Saha AK, Das P
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 17–25

4. The molecular phylogeny and taxonomy of endophytic fungal species from the leaves of Vitex negundo L
Ramesh V, Arivudainambi USE, Rajendran A
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 26–38

5. Ramularia coleosporii (Mycosphaerella) on Plumeria rust in Thailand
Sun JZ, Liu JK, McKenzie EHC, Liu XZ, Hyde KD
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 38–46

6. Macro-fungal diversity in the Kilum-Ijim forest, Cameroon
Teke NA, Kinge TR, Bechem E, Mih AM, Kyalo M, Stomeo F
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 47–58

7. Phallus rubicundus in South Brazil
Cortez VG, Silva-Filho AGS
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 59–63

8. Knoxdaviesia with K. serotectus (Van der Linde & Jol. Roux) Z.W. de Beer & M.J. Wingf. a new world record from the gut of red palm weevils
Moubasher AH, Abdel-Sater MA, Zeinab Soliman
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 64–70

9. Protostropharia luteonitens (Basidiomycota, Agaricales): new to China
Ma T, Ling XF
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 71–75

10. IMD: The first online database of documentation on Myxomycetes fungi from India
Ranadive KR, Jagtap NV, Ranade VD
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 76–91

11. Diversity of macrofungi and its distribution pattern of Gorakhpur District, Uttar Pradesh, India
Vishwakarma P, Singh P and Tripathi NN
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 92–105

12. Occurrence of Stemonitis axifera (Bull.) T. Macbr. (Myxomycota: Stemonitales) in Pondicherry, a union territory of India
Keekan KK and Ranadive KR
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 106–111

13. Mycenastrum catimbauense (Agaricales, Basidiomycota), a new puffball species from the Brazilian semi–arid region
Gurgel RAF, Melanda GCS, Ferreira RJ, Alfredo DS and Baseia IG
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 112–118, Doi 10.5943/sif/2/1/13

14. Endophytic Mycodiversity of Sacred Tree – Couroupita guianensis Aubl.
Velmurugan R, Ramesh V, Meenatchi A, Bagyalakshmi and Rajendran A
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 119–129

15. Diversity of non–Laboulbenialean fungi on millipedes
Enghoff H and Reboleira ASPS
Studies in Fungi 2(1),130 –137

16. Lichenicolous fungi of Ukraine: an annotated checklist
Darmostuk VV and Khodosovtsev AYe
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 138–156, Doi 10.5943/sif/2/1/16

17. Sebacina aureomagnifica (Sebacinales, Basidiomycota): an unexpected discovery from the Brazilian Caatinga
Wartchow F, Sá MCA, Conceição LB, Silva DRC and Marques MFO
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 157–161

18. Incidence of some agarics from the plains of Jammu, India.
Sharma R, Kumar S and Sharma YP
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 162–170

19. Myxomycetes occurring on selected agricultural leaf litter.
Redeña-Santos JC, Dunca JAU, Duong VT, Dagamac NHA
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 171–177

20. In vitro post-harvest growth parameters of termite-associated fungi: a case study of Termitomyces schimperi (Basidiomycota, Lyophyllaceae).
Essouman EPF, Kengni Ayissi MB, Metsebing BP, Mossebo DC
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 178–190

21. Phallus fluminensis, a new species of stinkhorn from the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest.
Medeiros GS, Rodrigues ACM, Cruz RHSF, Melanda GCS, Carvalho Jr. AA, Baseia IG
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 191–198

22. Reniforma rhynchophori sp. nov. (Basidiomycota, Microbotryales) from guts of red palm weevil
Moubasher AH, Abdel-Sater MA, Soliman Z
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 199–207

23. The genus Paracollema validated (Collemataceae, Peltigerales, Lecanoromycetes)
Wedin M, Otalora MAG and Jørgensen PM
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 208–209

24. Neohelicosporium fusisporum sp. nov. (Tubeufiaceae) and a first record of a sexual morph within Neohelicosporium
Jayasiri SC, Hyde KD, Jones EBG, Lu YZ
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 210–217

25. Erratum to: The genus Paracollema validated (Collemataceae, Peltigerales, Lecanoromycetes)
Wedin M, Otalora MAG, Jørgensen PM
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 218

26. Saprobic Dothideomycetes in Thailand: Muritestudina gen. et sp. nov. (Testudinaceae) a new terrestrial pleosporalean ascomycete, with hyaline and muriform ascospores.
Wanasinghe DN, Jeewon R, Tibpromma S, Jones EBG, Hyde KD
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 219–234

27. Multi-gene phylogeny of Jattaea bruguierae, a novel asexual morph from Bruguiera cylindrica.
Dayarathne MC, Abeywickrama P, Jones EBG, Bhat DJ, Chomnunti P, Hyde KD
Studies in Fungi 2(1), 235–245

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