Volume 3 - 2018 - Index

1. Additional notes on Conchomyces bursiformis (Agaricales), a rare monotypic agaric from India
Manoj Kumar A, Bijeesh C, Vrinda KB and Pradeep CK
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 1–6

2. Protein enrichment of cassava pulp by solid-state fermentation using Aspergillus niger
Yafetto L
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 7–18

3. Fungal species consortia on Nypa fruticans at Brunei
Sarma VV, Hyde KD
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 19–26

4. Curvularia martyniicola, a new species of foliicolous hyphomycetes on Martynia annua from India
Kumar S, Singh R
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 27–33

5. First record of Mayamontana coccolobae (Stephanosporaceae: Agaricales) from Mexico
de la Fuente JI, Guevara-Guerrero G, López CY, García-Jiménez J
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 34–38

6. Review of the lichen genus Usnea in the Philippines
Galinato MGM, Baguinon JRC, Santiago KAA
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 39–48

7. Morphotaxonomic and phylogenetic analysis of Saprolegnia ferax from India
Singh PN, Singh SK, Lagashetti AC, Ackah FK
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 49–58

8. Phosphate solubilization potential of native rhizospheric microflora and their impact on growth of Madhuca latifolia (Mahua): An oil yielding medicinal plant of India
Mishra S, Pany S, Gupta N
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 59–72

9. Ascobolus gomayapriya: A new coprophilous fungus from Andaman Islands, India
Niranjan M, Sarma VV
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 73–78

10. Two more bird’s nest fungi from cold desert of Ladakh, India
Yangdol R, Kumar S, Sharma YP
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 79–83

11. Diversity of endophytic phosphate solubilising fungi associated with Pomatocalpa decipiens (Lindl.) J.J. Smith – an endangered orchid in Barbara forest of Odisha, India
Sahoo HR, Gupta N
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 84–99

12. New additions of macrolichens to the lichen flora of Arunachal Pradesh, India in Eastern Himalaya
Debnath R, Khare R, Gogoi L, Upreti DK, Rout J

13. Kamalomyces polyseptatus sp. nov. from an unidentified bamboo twig in Andaman Islands, India
Niranjan M, Sarma VV
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 115–120

14. Tulostoma reticulatum (Agaricales, Basidiomycota), a rare stalked puffball reported from the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest
Lima AA, Baseia IG
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 121–125

15. Endophytic fungal communities associated with leaves, stems and roots of four medicinal plants in South China
Li T, Deng WQ, Li TH, Zhang WM, Hosen MI, Song B
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 126–140

16. Diaporthe collariana sp. nov., with prominent collarettes associated with Magnolia champaca fruits in Thailand
Perera RH, Hyde KD, Dissanayake AJ, Jones EB, Liu JK, Wei D, Liu ZY
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 141–151

17. Taxonomic circumscription and phylogenetics of novel didymellaceous taxa with brown muriform spores
Wanasinghe DN, Jeewon R, Peršoh D, Jones EBG, Camporesi E, Bulgakov TS, Gafforov YS, Hyde KD
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 152–175

18. Biotechnological potential of agro-industrial wastes for protein enrichment by solid-state fermentation using Aspergillus niger
Adu SK, Yafetto L, Ofosuhene A, Offei-Affedzie T, Adu S, Ntibe TN
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 176–186

19. First record of Leucoagaricus lilaceus (Agaricales: Agaricomycetes) in Mexico
de la Fuente JI, Hernández-Del Valle JF, Aguirre-Acosta CE, García-Jiménez J
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 187–191

20. Additions to wild seed and fruit fungi 2: Parascedosporium putredinis: a new Thailand record from Delonix regia seed pods
Perera RH, Hyde KD, Jones EBG, Liu JK, Liu ZY
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 192–201

21. A checklist of polypores of Kerala state, India
Adarsh CK, Vidyasagran K, Ganesh PN
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 202–226

22. New distribution record of Cyathus stercoreus (Schwein.) De Toni (Nidulariaceae) for India from Gujarat state
Patel RS, Vasava AM, Rajput KS
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 227–233

23. A new record to rust fungi of North Western Himalayas (Himachal Pradesh), India
Gautam AK, Avasthi S
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 234–240

24. Effects of environmental factors and host characteristics on diversity and distribution of wood-rotting fungi of Mount Puliebadze, Nagaland
Chuzho K, Dkhar MS
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 241–247

25. Temperature-water and competitive interactions in vitro of two toxic black molds, Fusarium oxysporum and Rhizopus stolonifer isolated from a shower setting
Yoder JA, Klever LA, Dobrotka CJ
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 248–255

26. Cyathus tenuicorticalis (Agaricales, Basidiomycota), a new species from La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica
Góis JS, Cruz RHSF, Ovrebo CL, Baseia IG
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 256–263

27. First report of lichens from St. Mary’s Islands, the south west coast, India
Joseph S, Dudani SN, Nayaka S
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 264–270

28. Species of Boletaceae (Boletales, Basidiomycota) with ornamented spores from temperate forests at the state of Oaxaca, Mexico
Ayala-Vásquez O, Valenzuela R, Aguirre-Acosta E, Raymundo T, García-Jiménez J
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 271–292

29. Antifungal activities and phytochemical screening of two invasive alien species of Nepal
Das RK, Devkota A
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 293–301

30. A note on the occurrence of lichens on Vainateya Godavari mangroves in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh India
Vinay Bharadwaj T, Girija Sastry V, Murthy KS
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 302–308

31. Diversity of endophytic fungi associated with the medicinally important aromatic plant Gaultheria fragrantissima
Sarma P, Dkhar MS, Kayang H, Kumar M, Dubey NK, Raghuwanshi R
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 309–320

32. Microfungal Community in Sandy Beaches Located in Kedah, Pahang and Sabah, Malaysia
Salleh SL, Raup R, Azman N, Mohd Zainudin NAI
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 321–332

33. Fungal contaminations of indoor and outdoor air of buildings of the University of Cape Coast, Ghana
Yafetto L, Adator EH
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 333–342

34. New record of Chalastospora gossypii from cold arid soil of the most isolated region in trans-Himalayas
Nonzom S, Sumbali G
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 343–348

35. New and noteworthy records of lichens from Pathanamthitta district, Kerala, India
Zachariah SA, Nayaka S, Joseph S, Gupta P, Thomas S, Varghese SK
Studies in Fungi 3(1), 349–356

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