Volume 5 - 2020 - Index

1. Inocybe cavalcantiae, a new species from northern Brazil
Wartchow F
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 1–5

2. Isolation and identification of microfungi from soils in Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia
Mohd Nazri NIA, Mohd Zaini NA, Aris A, Hasan ZAE, Abd Murad NB, Yusof MT, Mohd Zainudin NAI
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 6–16

3. Diversity and distribution of cercosporoid fungi in Himachal Pradesh: an annotated checklist
Gautam AK, Avasthi S, Prasher IB, Sushma, Verma RK
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 17–49

4. Scleroderma nastii sp. nov., a gasteroid mushroom from Phulchoki hill, Nepal
Raut JK, Basukala O, Shrestha R, Poudel RC
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 50–58

5. Aspergillus gaarensis, a new addition to section Circumdati from soil of Lake El-Gaar in Wadi-El-Natron, Egypt
Al-Bedak OA, Moubasher AH
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 59–65

6. Dikaryotization seems essential for hypha formation and infection of coccid in the life-cycle of Auriculoscypha anacardiicola
Thomas A, Manimohan P
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 66–72

7. Bioactive potential of the wild edible mushroom Ramaria versatilis
Dattaraj HR, Sridhar KR, Jagadish BR, Pavithra M
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 73–83

8. Diversity of endophytic fungi associated with Hedychium spicatum Ham ex Sm. and their antifungal activity against the phytopathogen Alternaria solani
Sarma P, Dkhar MS, Kayang H, Kumar M, Dubey NK, Raghuwanshi R
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 84–93

9. Evaluation of agro-based waste substrates for micropropagule formation in biocontrol fungi, Trichoderma asperellum and T. harzianum
Hasan ZAE, Mohd Zainudin NAI, Aris A, Ibrahim MH, Yusof MT
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 94–102

10. Isolating sorbicilin-producing fungi from Darband cave and evaluating the sorbicilin biomedical applications
Zareshahi F, Abolmaali SH, Darvish Alipour Astaneh SH, Asghari A
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 103–112

11. Mycoendophytic diversity and their antimicrobial potential from two epiphytic orchids of the Western Ghats forests of India
Nuthan BR, Rakshith D, Marulasiddaswamy KM, Ramesha KP, Chandra Mohana N, Sampath Kumara KK, Satish S
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 113–124

12. Genera of corticioid fungi: keys, nomenclature and taxonomy
Gorjón SP
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 125–309

13. Diversity and endophytic fungal composition in Ananas comosus (L.) Merr. var queen cultivar isolated from three different growing conditions
Bhattacharya S, Debnath S, Saha AK
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 310–319

14. Antibacterial activities of mangrove leaf endophytic fungi from Luzon Island, Philippines
Ramirez CSP, Notarte KIR, dela Cruz TEE
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 320–331

15. Chemical compositions, cytotoxicity and antioxidant activity of the endophytic fungus Fusarium napiforme isolated from Psidium guajava
Chutulo EC, Chalannavar RK, Pramod Kumar P
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 332–352

16. Zasmidium persicae comb. nov., a new leaf spotting hyphomycete from Laos
Thapboualy P, Souvannasane T, Phengsintham P, Karunarathna SC
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 353–357

17. Bionectria pseudochroleuca, a new host record on Prunus sp. in northern Thailand
Huanraluek N, Jayawardena RS, Aluthmuhandiram JVS, Chethana KWT, Hyde KD
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 358–367

18. The use of Phanerochaete chrysosporium, Trichoderma harzianum and Trichoderma viride for biogas production
Mahmoud YA-G, Awadalla OA, Estafanous AN, Etawy WA
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 368–380

19. Genetic variability of Rhizoctonia solani Kühn and its resistance to fungicides
Castillo RF, Gallegos G, Flores OA, Aguilar GC, Rodriguez HR, Hernandez CFD
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 381–391

20. Preliminary studies on the lichens growing in FEEDS campus and SB garden in Manipur, India
Nayaka S, Joseph S, Ngangom R, Tilotama K, Arnold PK
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 392–399

21. First record of the halophilic fungus Penicilliopsis clavariiformis from Diospyros paniculata
Krishnapriya K, Vinjusha N, Anjitha T, Salna N, Arun Kumar TK
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 400–405

22. Traditional knowledge and use of wild mushroomsin Simbhanjyang, Makwanpur district, Central Nepal
Khadka B, Aryal HP
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 406–419

23. First successful domestication of a white strain of Auricularia cornea from Thailand
Bandara AR, Mortimer PE, Vadthanarat S, Xingrong P, Karunarathna SC, Hyde KD, Kakumyan P, Xu J
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 420–434

24. Assessing the incidence of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) infection by fungi during harvest and storage in Cameroon
Akwa TE, Maingi JM, Birgen JK
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 435–446

25. Pholiota polychroa and Porodisculus orientalis: two new additions to wood-rotting fungi of India
Chuzho K, Dkhar MS
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 447–451

26. Ahmadea dalanensis gen. and sp. nov., an edible truffle from Pakistan
Aman N, Khalid AN, Moncalvo JM
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 452–461

27. Myxomycete colonization on translocated and non-translocated dead leaves from temperate and tropical forests
Rojas C, Stephenson SL, Rojas PA
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 462–470

28. Linking ectomycorrhizal mushroom species richness and composition with dominant trees in a tropical seasonal rainforest
Ediriweera AN, Karunarathna SC, Xu J, Bandara SMGS, Gamage A, Shaefer DA
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 471–484

29. Xylaria oxyacanthae (Xylariaceae), a new record on Diospyros melanoxylon from India
Himani S, Krishnappa M
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 485–490

30. Optimal culture conditions and toxicity assessment of Fomitopsis feei (Fr.): a newly documented macro fungus from Philippines
De Leon AM, Dulay AR, Villanueva AL, Kalaw SP
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 491–507

31. “Ganoderma lucidum sensu lato” – a sacred mushroom for immortality
Ayesha P, Maham A, Ariza A, Husnain H
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 508–516

32. Three new records of Cortinarius (Cortinariaceae) for the Turkish Mycota from Trabzon, Turkey
Sesli E, Örtücü S
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 517–525

33. A review on the genus Entoloma (Basidiomycota, Entolomataceae) in Yunnan Province, China
Ediriweera AN, Karunarthna SC, Xu J, Hyde KD, Raspé O, De silva NI
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 526–535

34. Plant growth-promoting characteristics of root fungal endophytes isolated from a traditional Cordillera rice landrace
Pablo CHD, Pagaduan JRR, Langres HC, Hipol RM
Studies in Fungi 5(1), 536–549

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