Volume 6 - 2021 - Index

1. Global diversity and distribution of distoseptosporic micromycete Corynespora Güssow (Corynesporascaceae): An updated checklist with current status
Kumar S, Singh R, Kamal
Studies in Fungi 6(1), 1–63

2. Notes on the genus Entoloma s.l. in the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula (XI): a new species in subgenus Entoloma
Blanco-Dios JB
Studies in Fungi 6(1), 64–70

3. First record of Eutypella vitis causing branch dieback on new host trees in Canada
Ilyukhin E, Bulgakov T, Markovskaja S
Studies in Fungi 6(1), 71–77

4. Endophytic mycobiota of wild medicinal plants from New Valley Governorate, Egypt and quantitative assessment of their cell wall degrading enzymes
Abdel-Sater MA, Ayat MA Abdel-Latif, Dalia A Abdel-Wahab, Al-Bedak OA
Studies in Fungi 6(1), 78–91

5. New host and geographic records of five pleosporalean hyphomycetes associated with Musa spp. (Banana)
Samarakoon BC, Phookamsak R, Karunarathna SC, Jeewon R, Chomnunti P, Xu JC, Li YJ
Studies in Fungi 6(1), 92–115

6. Aquatic fungal diversity in two freshwater ecosystems of Madhya Pradesh, India
Mehboob A, Ganie AH, Dar AR, Soni KK
Studies in Fungi 6(1), 116–137

7. Endophytic fungal diversity of endemic carnivorous plant Nepenthes khasiana in Meghalaya, India
Naseem F, Kayang H
Studies in Fungi 6(1), 138–150

8. A rare medicinal fungus, Lignosus rhinocerus (Polyporales, Agaricomycetes), new to India
Vinjusha N, Arun Kumar TK
Studies in Fungi 6(1), 151–158

9. A study of commonly occurring fungal diseases on stored tomatoes of Kathmandu Valley
Shakya B, Aryal HP
Studies in Fungi 6(1), 159–167

10. Cyathus striatus: a new record from Arunachal Pradesh and a checklist of Bird’s nest fungi in India
Niranjan M, Singh RK
Studies in Fungi 6(1), 168–174

11. Diversity of Gasteromycetes in Rajasthan, India-I
Chouhan R, Panwar C
Studies in Fungi 6(1), 175–187

12. Endophytic fungi: a source of potential anticancer compounds
Palwe SD, Borde MY, Sonawane HB
Studies in Fungi 6(1), 188–203

13. Lichens of the Sirumalai hills, Eastern Ghats with one genus and six species new to India
Nayaka S, Joseph S, Rajaram SK, Natesan S, Sankar K, David MLR, Upreti DK
Studies in Fungi 6(1), 204–212

14. New records of Graphidaceae (lichenized fungi) from the Western Ghats of Kerala state, India
Biju H, Sabeena A, Nayaka S
Studies in Fungi 6(1), 213–223

15. Polyurethane-degrading fungi from soils contaminated with rocket propellant and their ability to decompose alkyne terminated polybutadiene with urethane
Ren GC, Pang AM, Gao Y, Wu SX, Ge ZQ, Zhang TF, Wanasinghe DN, Khan S, Mortimer PE, Xu JC, Gui H
Studies in Fungi 6(1), 224–239

16. Research on arbuscular mycorrhizae in Cuba: a historical review and future perspectives
Furrazola E, Torres-Arias Y, Ojeda-Quintana L, Fors RO, Rodríguez-Rodríguez R, Ley-Rivas JF, Mena A, González-González S, Berbara RLL, Queiroz MB, Hamel C, Goto BT
Studies in Fungi 6(1), 240–262

17. Contributions to the family Ascobolaceae of India
Yatoo SF, Phate PV, Wani TA
Studies in Fungi 6(1), 263–272

18. Diatrypella macrospora, a new host and geographical record from Forlì-Cesena, Italy
Carpouron JE, Wijesinghe SN, Shang QJ, Perera RH, Camporesi E, Hyde KD
Studies in Fungi 6(1), 273–287

19. Antifungal effects of Ocimum Kilimandscharicum oil on Aspergillus flavus Infecting Maize after Harvest
Kaguchia SM, Birgen JK, Lang’at-Thoruwa C, Akwa TE
Studies in Fungi 6(1), 288–298

20. Cultivation of different strains of Lentinus tigrinus from selected areas of Luzon Island, Philippines
Kalaw SP, De Leon AM, Damaso Jr. EJ, Ramos JC, del Rosario MAG, Abon MD, Undan JR, Dulay RMR, Reyes RG
Studies in Fungi 6(1), 299–306

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